Virginia Relay Partner

Virginia Relay PartnerIn Virginia, there are thousands of people who are deaf, hard of hearing, or who have difficulty speaking who count on Virginia Relay to connect with standard telephone users. Each day, hundreds of business calls are made through Virginia Relay. However, businesses that are unfamiliar with Virginia Relay may accidentally hang up on Relay callers, mistaking the call for a telemarketer.

Virginia Relay Partner is a free program designed to eliminate hang-ups that many Relay users experience by educating businesses on how to identify, receive and place Relay calls. The program is open to all Virginia-based businesses. Only a business telephone is required to participate!

The Business Advantages
Virginia Relay Partner gives businesses the opportunity to:

What’s Included
Businesses that join Virginia Relay Partner receive:

*These items are provided upon completion of Relay Partner training.

How to Enroll
Joining is free, easy, and secure. Simply complete the online enrollment form. Or call us at 1-800-552-7917 (voice/TTY) for assistance.

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Next time you do business, choose a Virginia Relay Partner! You can be sure Virginia Relay Partners are trained in placing and taking your Relay calls. Our online directory makes it easy to find the businesses you need.

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