Programs From Virginia Relay

Virginia Relay Partner

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A free, education program for Virginia businesses, Virginia Relay Partner helps reduce the number of hang ups Relay users sometimes experience when making business calls.

  • Businesses learn how to make and receive Relay calls
  • All Virginia-based businesses (large or small) are eligible
  • Training materials and free onsite presentations included
  • Virginia Relay Partners are promoted to all Virginia Relay users online and in print publications

Kids Keeping in Touch

Kids Keeping in Touch flyer

Kids Keeping in Touch through Virginia Relay is a fun, educational hearing-loss awareness program for children in grades three through five. The curriculum complies with the Virginia Department of Education's Standards of Learning and is available at no charge to teachers, parents and support personnel in Virginia.

By teaching students about hearing loss and Virginia Relay, Kids Keeping in Touch helps students develop a greater awareness of and sensitivity to the communication differences between hearing people and people who are deaf, hard of hearing, Deaf-Blind or have difficulty speaking. Students also learn just how easy it is to make and receive a Virginia Relay call.